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Triangles Rug

A soft and minimalistic geometric mini rug. Made with navy and white recycled yarn, both harvested from old sweaters.
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35 x 70 cm
525 - 575 €
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3-4 weeks

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More about this product

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Making time
12 hours
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450 rows
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Waste recycled
200 g

The yarn used to weave this mini rug was harvested from two different sweaters, which were found from a local secondhand shop. The yarn is most likely acrylic or some other synthetic mix and has a chunky weight to it.


The rug was woven on a simple frame loom, using a repeating geometric pattern. The pattern was made by alternating the two color yarns and interlocking them so that no gaps occur in the fabric. On the back side of the rug, you can see the inverse pattern, where the yarn was lead to jump across the opposite color's block on the front side. This technique doubles up the thickness of the rug and makes it sturdy and super soft to the touch.


This mini rug is a perfect little accent on the side of your bed and a nice way to avoid cold feet when getting up. The rug also fits nicely next to your sofa or on top of a sideboard as a decorative accent. You can use it for example as a base to layer on an assortment of your favorite items and plants.

Care instructions

All of our items are handmade from various materials and therefore sensitive to harsh washing and cleaning. Please wash all our products by hand in cold water with natural soap. Do not tumble dry or use bleach on any of them. If you feel the need to iron any of your items, use a low temperature and test carefully on one corner before going over the whole item.

Detailed care instructions will be included with your product. In general: Please treat (all) your belongings with as much love and care as they were treated with during their creation.

End-of-life returns

We will always accept your Wasteless Wonders products back at the end of their life, so that we can recycle them in-house and use the materials once more for new products. If items are in a bad condition, they can always become fluffy pillow stuffing as a last resort, so don't hesitate to send anything back. We are striving to operate as circular and as zero waste as possible, that's why we care what happens to our products across their whole life cycle, until the very end.

As a little thank you for your efforts, for every returned item, you'll receive a 10%-off cupon for your next order to make up for some of the shipping costs associated with your return.
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