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Stacks Pillow

Extra large quilted pillow case with a subtle line graphic pattern. Cobalt blue recycled fabric and a simple envelope closure system.
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45 x 52 cm
275 - 300 €
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2-3 weeks

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All our products are made to order and customized to you and your home. This way we make sure the piece fits your space perfectly and we avoid overproduction and excess stock.
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All our collaboration products are unique and one-of-a-kind. Based on the scraps we receive, we make a collection of a wide range of products, each existing only once.
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More about this product

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Making time
3 hours
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50 seams
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Waste recycled
130 g

This pillow case was created from cobalt blue fabric, sourced at a craft material swap, an old fleece blanket and a zipper sourced from the local recycling center. Even the thread used to create the lines of the pattern is leftover thread from an upholstery project.

Inner Pillow

In case you order your pillow case including the inner pillow, you will receive a simple fitting insert, made with some thin weight fabric and stuffed with a variety of yarn and fabric scraps. This is one of the main ways how we keep our textile production completely zero waste.

While the texture is not as fluffy and even as a polyfil-pillow, the srap pillow is just as soft and works really well with the thicker quilted front side of this pillow. If you were to re-use your scrap pillow in another pillow case in the future, please be aware that the texture of it might poke through if the pillow case is too thin.


The pattern on the front side of the pillow is a simple quilt, made with just one layer of fabric on top of a piece of an old fleece blanket. By sewing on the lines of the geometric stacking cube pattern, the pillow has a very subtle quilted texture and a very minimalistic graphic appearance. The closure is a zipper on one of the short sides that allows for a large opening.


This extra large pillow is perfect as a center piece on your bed or sofa. Because of it's minimalistic pattern and simple color, it can be combined with a variety of other smaller pillows to make a nice arrangement. It also works really well as a floor cushion and is perfect for those occasions when you may need some additional seats around your sofa or side table.

Care instructions

All of our items are handmade from various materials and therefore sensitive to harsh washing and cleaning. Please wash all our products by hand in cold water with natural soap. Do not tumble dry or use bleach on any of them. If you feel the need to iron any of your items, use a low temperature and test carefully on one corner before going over the whole item.

Detailed care instructions will be included with your product. In general: Please treat (all) your belongings with as much love and care as they were treated with during their creation.

End-of-life returns

We will always accept your Wasteless Wonders products back at the end of their life, so that we can recycle them in-house and use the materials once more for new products. If items are in a bad condition, they can always become fluffy pillow stuffing as a last resort, so don't hesitate to send anything back. We are striving to operate as circular and as zero waste as possible, that's why we care what happens to our products across their whole life cycle, until the very end.

As a little thank you for your efforts, for every returned item, you'll receive a 10%-off cupon for your next order to make up for some of the shipping costs associated with your return.
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