April 23, 2021

Sunset and Moonrise - Spring collection

Spring is finally here and the world awakes from a dull, grey and muddy few months, bursting into life with color. Our new collection reflects this with four new pieces of wall art and a rug, that are full of bright tones and deep sunny hues. In this article, I will show you the pieces in detail and also take you through the process and what it took to create each of them.

Window plant wall art

This small square punch needle wall art features a small plant in a vase in front of a window looking out over a bright orange sunset. This piece was created using the punch needle technique. The unique thing about this piece, is that the art reaches all the way to the edge of the canvas. This was achieved by creating the piece first on a temporary frame and then mounting it on a piece of plywood.

This piece, although small, went through quite the process and many many color changes. It was one of those where the colors just did not turn out right until the very end. The materials used in this piece are mainly secondhand cotton yarn and some roughly woven secondhand linen, that used to be a curtain. The piece of plywood is a scrap, left over from a previous project.

Ocean view diptych

This set of punch needle wall art features two arched windows with a view on an ocean sunset. One of the windows is occupied by a black cat, while the other features a large monstera leaf in a vase. These pieces are created on a semi-transparent base fabric, which makes both the frame and the wall color behind them subtly shine through. One could imagine, these windows lead directly from your room into another world.

Both pieces were created with the punch needle technique and using an assortment of secondhand yarns. The frames are also sourced secondhand and used to feature some very tasteless canvas photo prints. The semi-transparent base fabric used to be a curtain and is a light grey synthetic mesh.

Rainbow rug

This small size rug features a pastel rainbow stripe pattern and was handwoven on a small table loom. The yarns used to create this rug are all secondhand cotton yarns. The rug was hand finished with an extra full fringe, made from secondhand lace crocheting cotton yarn.

The rug was woven in a pattern where the main rainbow color was alternated with a neutral grey, to create a grid-like pattern. The colorful yarns were held double or triple, sometimes also mixed with similar shades, to have a more pronounced grid effect and to use up some small scraps of yarns in this bigger piece.

The rainbow rug can be used as a small bedside rug, but also makes a great small table cloth, especially for a colorful spring center piece. It will also work well on top of a sideboard or console, styled with some books, candles and your favorite plant.

Sunset tapestry

This small textured wall hanging features a sunset and waterfall motive. The tapestry has a unique curvy upper edge, following the shape of a cloud. All materials used to create this tapestry are secondhand. The warp yarn is a wool mix, while most weft yarn is cotton.

This tapestry was woven on a small frame loom and set up in a way, that the upper warp could in the end just be lifted off the frame and directly knotted to the natural branch with simple slip knots. The branch itself was found in Helsinki's urban nature and cleaned off all the bark by hand with a small swiss army knife, inherited from my grandfather.

Wild desert wall art

Finally, this extra large piece of punch needle wall art, features a scene with a small leopard looking out at the nightly desert through an arched window. In front of the window, there is a stair structure with a marbled texture, that is styled with some fluffy plants in different ceramic vases.

As you can see in the process photos, this piece when from daytime to nighttime. This was not the only color change, some others included the vases and plants. For a long time the floor was left as just the base fabric, before I decided to add the rich dark green to ground the piece. As with all the other punch needle pieces, finding the perfect color balance is always a very dynamic process.

The frame used for this piece is a secondhand canvas frame, stretched with some secondhand, burnt orange linen. Most of the yarns used for this piece are wool-mix and came from a large secondhand package of yarn from someone who cleaned out their stash.

Want more behind the scenes?

I hope you enjoy our new colorful collection for this spring. As usual, you can find more images and detailed descriptions on our collection page.

We usually also share more images, videos and timelapses of the making process on our Instagram @wastelesswonders. There you can get a real look behind the scenes and see each of the pieces take shape over many weeks and months. See you there!

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