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Our services for businesses looking to reduce waste during manufacturing and to move towards a more sustainable and zero waste production process. We have the tools and experience to tackle even the smallest textile cut-offs and recycle them into new and wonderful products.

Below you will find a range of different services that might fit your business and define the different models of collaboration we can offer. We decide case by case and predominantly based on the material at hand, which approach might be the most suitable for your business.

Our services

A variety of textile scraps.

Collection of cutting waste

Cutting waste can be a burden and pain point, especially when working with expensive and ethically made fabrics. We can take up your scraps and use them for our own products, while you get closer to a zero-waste production on your end.
Two hands working at a weaving.

Manufacturing of small collections

You have plenty of scraps but no time to deal with them? We can take your excess material and handcraft a variety of home textile products for you. This way, you can make more out of your waste, without using your own limited resources in the process.
Illustration of a t-shirt and cut-outs from a piece of fabric.

Design consultancy

Cut-offs come in many, often very weird and inconvenient sizes. We have the eye and expertise to design new products from your scraps and develop patterns, that you can integrate into your own production process, to make most of your valuable materials.
An arrangement of wasteless wonders products, hanging from a rack.

Limited edition collections

Conscious consumers are always looking for products that are on the next level regarding sustainability. We can create a special, limited edition collection, made from your scraps, together with you - a range of eye-catching products for your store.
A sparce office interior with chairs, sofa and lampshades.

Interior art installations

Why not make the next statement pieces for your office out of your own waste material? Whether it is smaller sets of interior textile products or a large art installation, we can help you take your office interior further down the road towards sustainability.
Image of a woman holding a punch needle sign saying "I made your textiles".

Events and promotions

Handcrafted products, made from your textile cut-offs, are a great opportunity to send a message or tell a story in trade shows or marketing campaigns. They are an unmistakable way to show that you care even about the smallest scrap of fabric.
Illustration of circular product life cycle

Project timeline

Step 1
We take a typical assortment of scraps from your production process to our studio.

Step 2
We assess, experiment and develop a range of sample products based on the material and its shapes.

Step 3
Further development is decided according to our service options above and the needs of your business.

Step 4
Independent of the end product, our policy for circularity applies and all Wasteless Wonders products can always be returned for repair or recycling.


Below you will find some reference products from previous collaborations. These products intend to show a variety of different possibilities of what your scraps can become in our hands.
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