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Zero Waste

Discarded clothes, leftover fabric, unused yarns and other waste materials are the ingredients for our products.
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Slow Production

Each item is made by hand with time and care, using traditional and modern crafting techniques.
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Timeless Style

Our patterns and designs are unique, but minimalistic and timeless - made to brighten your home for a lifetime.
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From waste to wonder

Sustainability is not an option anymore. That's why we only use waste materials to create our products.

There are mountains of waste building up and polluting our environment. We made it our mission to dig through those mountains and find the small treasures waiting among them, ready to be turned into new and wonderful products.
The sourcing process

Freshly made

Discover new products in our range of handmade zero waste home textiles. We produce all our products made to order, according to your preferences, color scheme and style.
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Make it slow.

Waste materials are diverse, hard to standardize and mass-recycle. That's why we source, sort and prep all our materials by hand.

We create our products based on the input material available and combine different textiles, yarns and other materials in a slow and considered, handmade process.
The making process
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New on the blog

Dive deep into all things sustainability, crafts and recycling with our newest blog posts.

Wasteless wonders x HEMPEA

HEMPEA is a finnish sustainable brand, creating eco-friendly home textiles from 100% hemp fabrics. This spring we collaborated to create some unique products with some of their pre-consumer scraps - cut-offs in the production process of their bedding and home textiles. Their high quality, ethically made hemp fabrics are too precious to waste, so we took all the small, odd shaped pieces and created a collection of Wasteless Wonders products with them. ‍
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What is pre-consumer textile waste?

We all know that there is a textile waste problem. Most of the time the topic revolves around fast fashion and the disposal of clothes at the end of their life. But there is already a problem a few steps back in the process. Pre-consumer waste is all the waste materials that are created in the supply chain during manufacturing of a product. In this article, we will briefly explain how and why this happens.
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Intro to weaving: Finishing your fabric

This is the final installment in our three part series about getting into weaving. In this little guide we will show you how to remove your handwoven piece of fabric from the loom, how to secure the edges and how to prepare it for sewing.
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